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 Vampyres (energy and pranic)

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EverShadeAna [ESA]

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PostSubject: Vampyres (energy and pranic)   Mon Jul 16, 2007 10:29 pm

Vampyres exist. It may be news to you but it is nothing like the folklore, book, game or movie vampire, so please distance yourself from thatw ay of thinking. A Vampyre is a spirit being who has incarnated in a flesh body, he or she was a vampyre also in another life. He or she siphons energy in the forms of Chi, Ka, prana / sa, Mana, and Ether. Chi is the energy of the auras of others, in other tradition it can be called a merkerbah. Some vampyres only feed on the auras and emotions of others. They are considered very basic and parasitic and are not looked upon greatly.

Then there are others like myself who have mastered the way they feed on elements such as candle flames and thunderstorms and the natural hum of the earth. Nature is very sturdy and very giving. Nature knows we are not evil beings, and so wishes to impart with the energy she naturally restores at once. Mother nature is no withered flower like some fluff bunnies would have you believe.

Some kin think that vampyres are the corruption. But the corruption is parasitic devices that latch on to the spirit body and are not able to live in the new energy of the ascending energy fields of earth. Vampyres are not viruses..we're spiritual beings, non human souls just like other kin born in human or semi humanoid forms.

Some peoeple believe the spirit when awakened starts to alter the physicalness of the flesh form, thus effecting age appearance and metabolism, fast healing and more. Some peopel are uncomfortable with this theory and are quick to tell everyone else that you must be a roleplayer if you have this outlook. However some of us are comfortable with our natures and in our own skins wheras these others are not.
Therefore some of us are less human than others (detached from our emotions more)

Vampyres are spirituality immortal, but can still get sick, die and virus and diseases, though if the body, mind and spirit joins together as one anything is possible.
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Vampyres (energy and pranic)
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