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 Complaining about IMVU

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EverShadeAna [ESA]

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PostSubject: Complaining about IMVU   Tue Jul 17, 2007 2:11 am

If IMVU deleted your products, please don't come here to complain. We can't do anything about it. If you are a developer, hopefully you obey the TOS and put properly aged content where it goes. If it is sexual or too fleshy revealing in anyway it probably goes in the restrictive mature catalogue. I would suggest putting it there instead of taking a risk and putting it in the general domain where it may get flagged and sent to another catalogue.

People can not flag content if there is no cause to flag it. Like the other day I visited a chatter's page just to discover his naked pixelated ass all over his photo gallery. Imvu was not made to take naked pictures of your avatar unless you had the access pass, and he didn't. I didn't and could still see the images (Its a loop hole i don't think IMVU considered)...

I don't use IMVU to Cyber. I have someone that I live with and that I am taken by and totally committed to so I am not using imvu for sex.
I don't support using IMVU for that, either.
Maybe you do, and your greatest goal on IMVU is to make a ten foot long penis attachment and boink the hell out of every other avatar. It's not mine and I don't like to advocate that behaviour here, so please refrain.

Complaining about Credits

Yes, the developer is a poor starving artist. We can barely afford clothes for our pixelated children. What are we ever to do? Stop whining. if you don't like the way the system is ran, delete your profile and get off imvu.
You're just furious you don't make a shit ton of credits every sale. You will live, same as me.
It is not the end of the world.
Dev credits are annoying, and when people buy shit with predits it is annoying but I am just glad my stuff is sellling. I don't care if they buy the items with cookie crumbs as long as My stuff is selling to the community. It's a game, we are all here to have fun. If you are that deprived of a social life that you thought you could make a living off the sales there, you got to be kidding me. Grow up, maybe we should have a talk about Santa Claus too???

Asking for Boycotts:

Please don't ask the developers to boycott the imvu community and catalogue because you're penis got deleted or other sexual pose. QUIT having a FIT. I've seen dev's go shit freaking crazy because a pose got moved by imvu. I would have deleted your sorry ass.
PUT the right stuff in the right place. Some of this posing on table crap has no business in the General catalogue and I support correct flagging.
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Complaining about IMVU
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